New thing?

We like to think that we learn new thing every day. Sometimes, all we get is a not-so-new stuff in new situation, or involve new people. So it is not always new but we like to think that we experience new adventure every day.  The feeling, however, never gets old.

Speaking of adventure, a journey in gradland, is it always learning new thing everyday? Or we just being reminded of old stuffs by different people?

What do you think?

Just another afternoon

It was a bright and sunny afternoon. I was sitting outside and cramming for my midterm exams, just another routine of a graduate school student. Sitting next to me at the different table was a lady also working on something I did not know. She looked serious. We did not talk, off course. It is not common here to say "hi" or smile to strangers.

But then she opened this short conversation. She asked me whether I will be there for a while. Basically, she asked me to look after her property while she went somewhere very quickly. I nodded, smile, and said off course.

After a while, she came back. I smiled again. Did she smile back? No.
Did she say thank you? No.
An hour after that, I had to go somewhere else so I smiled at her and said "good bye, have a nice evening".
Did she respond? No.
Did she smile back? No.

I guess it was just another afternoon where I learned new thing about how people interact with each other.

Hello folks

It has been a long time. But hey, I tend to start my blog post with "it has been a long time" and end it with "I should write more". A quick fact check: I never managed to do so.

Anyway, after living in a new place for five weeks, watching the US presidential debate become my new routine now. Not that I watch it everyday as we only had three debates, but the discussion after that goes forever.

I think the last debate was very entertaining, the best among the three. I think Chris Wallace, the moderator, nailed it. He knew how to "handle" the audience plus the candidates and more importantly, he asked important questions about policy. Yes folks, as getting to know the latter has become my new daily routine too.

I will not discuss about the content of the debate, I am sure you can find it easily elsewhere. As I said earlier, the discussion post the debate is always more entertaining that the debate itself. Well, at least most of the time.

So folks, what is y…

Dear tempation

Please be gentle

Perhaps more risk management, later.

Picture from

It sounds so familiar to me. Risk management. And today, I learned it the hard way. 

I have been waiting for this good news for months and when it finally came, it was not as I expected but as I predicted. I guess mentioning "it" as a good news does not represent the whole truth. Long story short, I started my journey a year ago, I applied to the-so-called-most-prestigious scholarship (ever) to purse a graduate degree in the States. After series of back and forth emails, interview, and filling up the forms, I got the candidacy, not yet the grant. 

To make it even shorter, after cramming for standardized tests and intense discussion and negotiation for my submission plan, I came to this "waiting period" - where I checked my emails five times a day just hoping to receive an acceptance letter from one program and hoping more to follow.  Today, I received a good but not so happy new…

Mulutmu harimaumu

Words bleed.

Even it hurts more to sit there in silence, there are people who do not deserve your opinion.  Unless yours are the food for their ego.

A curious mind Watts to know: Why do you write?

I have heard it over and over: "Think about your audience. To whom you're writing to." The minute you start think ini about them or doing the readers' anaylisys, it affects the way you write about stuffs. The words, idioms, phrases you use. But am just curious, do you know why you write? 
I am sure lots of writers out there have all kind of answer, I suspect one of the reason would be "passion". To be honest, that was just my best guess! 
One of my favourite writer is a blogger who recently decided to retire from the blogsphere. Eventhough I don't read his writings every day but he surely will be missed. He published several posts at his last day, unusual but it's like a sweet goodbye to his loyal readers. Blogging kills him, that is the reason why he stopped, which reminds me of my basic weird question about why people write. 
So people, why do you write?